Adrian Wilson!

Hello! My name is Adrian!

& that's my sister Shayla & my grandmother Dodie!

I am very pleased that you found your way to my page on the world wide web!

Born in 92'

In the present I am establishing a business plan.

(Looking for interesting eco-friendly stock, serious inquiries please e-mail)

I am currently trying to get a store together online.

Any postivie advice would be greatly appreciated.

My goals are to invest in assets, and do what i love, to take care of myself and others & to have a well run business that is good for the economy. I want to travel the world learning all the history my memory can retain.

I plan to have a family which I may pass on along with my knowledge & wisdom.

My hobbies and activites I never cease to enjoy are hiking, cycling, camping, time spent with family, exploring new to places & meeting new interesting people. i am an avid adventurist who loves great rythm. I am big for Electronic music, D&B, Glitch-hop, Trap, House, Swing, you name it! Even the oldies, some new-age.

I have nine Tarantulas, a lovebird, and a cat, I hope to adopt a dog to have as a companion!

Thank you for reading, and be sure to follow me on twitter! (@4drian3ilson) link below.

Website coming soon!