Adrian Wilson!

Hello! My name is Adrian!

I am very pleased that you found your way to my page on the world wide web!

There will be more information coming, so don't be afraid to keep checking up to see the new links that become available.

Born in 92'

I spent my years in the city of Vancouver, British Columbia. quite a bit happened my first 11 years!

Year 12: I moved to Vancouver Island, attendeding a new elementary school. It felt very strange to switch schools.

Year 15: I have been living here for nearly 3 years now, I made some friends, But now I am moving to Calgary BC. We lived in Calgary. A month later I was joining them in highschool when I moved back.

Year 16: I headed up south to a new highschool.

Year 18: I said goodbye to highschool.

Year 19: I continued my education.

Year 20: Is when i believe i became my own person.

Year 22: We are establishing a business plan.

There are many gaps the small bio above. So much I left out. This is the internet, I can't have you know my entire life story, Just the basics.

My goals are to invest in assets, and do what i love, have a fantastic business that is good for the economy and travel the world on foot and on bicycle, to have a family one day, and to pass on my business and knowledge to my children.

I LOVE hiking, cycling, camping, time spent with family, exploring new to places, i am an avid adventurist who loves great rythm. I am big for electronic music, D&B, Glitch Hop, trap, house, you name it!

Right now I am aiming towards investing my money and creating a suitable business, While ofcourse living life to the fullest & taking care of my many responsibilities, which never seem to end.

I have nine Tarantulas, and a lovebird.. I hope to adopt a dog sometime soon.

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