Asare Abban-Prescod

I'm a student who has begun using practical skills to generate work for myself and other students. I’ve assembled a diverse crew of individuals that include; theatre actors, specialist make up artists and performing arts students along with musicians (to name a few).

Since learning about the development of films and games in college, i've been using my skills to achieve a range of things from directing to location photoshoots and journalistic pictures.

This has led me to creating a series of projects that involves people of various ages and aspirations which have resulted in actors, performers and students contacting me and now we are collaborating with each other, my work is being promoted on their sites, as well as in my own galleries on Flickr, Tumblr, Pinterest and Facebook.

During the weekends I host team-building exercises that involve digital art, gaming, film production, podcasting, and the creation of animated shows. The sessions are recorded in an episodic manner.

Which led to the creation of ANX Studios. -

It's a part time organization designed to compliment my studies as a HND creative media student at West Thames College (Isleworth).

I seek to acquire more experience in refining skills that I have gained to provide opportunities while surpassing the disadvantages of my learning disability and physical limitations.

West Thames College has allowed me to do this through a vocational route, and for that, I appreciate the opportunity that i've been given in order to accomplish my long term goals.

Contributions to my projects can be made here: