Aimee Webb

I search for beauty in the world around me for inspiration. Beauty can be found in the strangest places. Ever since I was a child I have been gifted with creativity. My gifts have varied manifestations, Firstly with drawing what I perceive from different perspectives. I was told that as a child I had the ability to drew an accurate detailed likeness of someone by studying their features and drawing them upside down. I also possess the ability to sing on key and the ability to find the harmony to any tune. I was lucky that the various Elementary school's in California I attended had a great Art & Music program's. We learned about all the master Artists. I participated in many plays by Singing & Acting.

Soon my creativity expanded from drawing and crafting to painting. My favorite paint medium has been Watercolor. My senior year of high school I took an elective course "Independent Study of Art" I was encouraged to explore different mediums, pencil, pen ink, watercolor, charcoal, tempera, acrylic and oil paint. I explored color theory, shading and perspective. Meanwhile I participated in My high school's competing Choral Quintessence Group as an Alto. My music teacher inspired us to dig deep into musical history from different cultures and era's. Later I became interested in sewing. My favorite way to express my creativity is through Illustration. The most convenient way I express my creativity is through photographs. The photographs I take are like a photo journal and some serve as inspiration for future drawing's and painting's.

I recently earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Multimedia Design and Development specializing in Web Design and Development. I enjoy the design process of creating Art using Pencil, Paint or Ink first. Then scanning the creation to be refined with computer programs from the Adobe CS creative suite like Illustrator. I like to take Photographs and edit them with Photoshop. I My 10 years of customer service experience has helped me become great communicator and problem solver. All the traveling I have done has helped make me adaptable to new people and new situations. I take pride in work that I do. My ultimate goal is to use my creative problem solving abilities to make a positive contribution to a company, organization and or humanity as a whole.