Alan O'Donohoe

Out of school, Alan O'Donohoe is the founder of both Hack To The Future & Raspberry Jam, the global community of events for everyone to discover the Raspberry Pi computer. In school, Alan is the principal teacher of Computing at Our Lady's High School, Preston.

Five years ago, Alan stopped teaching Powerpoint in favour of Computing. He has since persuaded many other teachers to follow.

You can read more on his blog, follow @teknoteacher and download his weekly Teach Computing podcast. As a Computing at School Master Teacher, Alan holds hub meetings for teachers wishing to develop Computing Science in their schools, speaks at conferences and offers 'Teach Computing' training & consultancy for teachers to develop computing in their schools.

'As mad as a box of frogs' his creative approach to teaching included recording a Hack Rap. With Hack To The Future & Raspberry Jam, Alan believes in trying to inspire the digital creators of tomorrow, children like 13 year old Amy. Watch a BBC film here about Hack To The Future, Alan on BBC Breakfast,