Alleli Aspili

Currently working as a Strategic Solutions Specialist in a BPO Company based in Makati. It's my second job and I'm loving it. I'm an experienced SEO Link Builder/Blog Commenter; t'was my first job. I finished college in 2011 (I was only 19) and started working right away. I'm an only child, that's why. You can call me 'Lei' - out of all the nicknames my friends made me, that's what I like most. My family calls me 'Yeye.'

I'm a night person. I love the moon. I love vintage stuff, especially fashion and photography. I have lots of cats at home. Some of my friends actually call me a "cat whisperer" or simply, "cat". I'm awed by the beauty of nature and that's one reason why I would wanna go around it together with someone I love. I wanna see the hidden beach in Mexico, rest somewhere in Japan and shop at NYC. The world has a lot more to offer, right?

I like the colors orange, cyan and violet. I blog. I sing and dance. I know some photoshop and dreamweaver. The internet is just the best thing. I couldn't live without it, especially YouTube. I'm also into all kinds of music, especially ROCK AND ROLL. I like anime. And, movies make me.

I can be professional if needed but I'm really just a laid-back and jolly person. I love being weird, too!