Alneil Mc.Leod

“Alneil is just as unique as his name. He is an absolute professional and gentleman. Alneil is innovative, creative, charismatic, and just an all around well-rounded, visionary leader. I had the pleasure of working with him at Seton Hall University.” - Laila Uddin, Resident Director, Seton Hall University

“Alneil made my technical troubles worth having. Such a delight. Lightening fast. And even optimized my archive settings. Total asset to your team.” - Erika Harris, Asst. Awards Show Specialist, Leo Bournett - Exclusive Travel Club - Investing - MFW Apparel - St.Vincent and the Greanadines - S.V.G. - Coin Card - Philanthropy - Leapmotion - MYO - Be Prepared! - Authentic meals with people around in the world

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