Amanda Figueras

Amanda Figueras (Spain) is a reporter at the Foreign Desk of the leading Spanish daily national newspaper, EL MUNDO. A veteran in the coverage of European Union affairs, Figueras founded the 'Eurocámara', or EU subsection, which was twice the recipient of a prestigious grant from the European Parliament. 

As part of her work at EL MUNDO, Figueras contributes to enhance the synergies between print and online edition in an age of multplatform information access. In this sense, the reporter bring over a decade of experience working for the Finance and Breaking News sections of -the newspaper's online edition, which is currently the most-read Spanish-language newssite in the world- into play, adapting content for use both on the web and in the classic, printed edition of the medium.

Figueras also has experience in visual media content, having travelled throughout the European continent to produce special video reports for EL MUNDO. Raised in Madrid, Amanda Figueras holds a degree in Journalism from the Complutense University of Madrid, complimented with additional studies undertaken at Universidade Catolica in Lisbon, Portugal, where she studied after recieving an Erasmus Grant. 

She is fluent in Spanish, English and Portugese, and has a working knowledge of French and Arabic. Figueras is a participant in the Abraham Interfaith Forum, and since 2004 she has undertaken an informal study of Islamic culture in numerous countries, a fact reflected by her numerous reports on Muslim affairs. 

She also has a special interest in minorities, with a particular focus on the Roma people in Europe -especially in the new Member-States of Romania and Slovakia-, and the plight of refugees from war-torn nations in the border states of the European Union. 

In 2012 Figueras was chosen as one of the twelve United Nation Alliance of Civilizations fellows (UNAOC). She is also one of 100 figures selected to lend insight to the ScenaRio initiative, supported by UN, which stands to prepare the Rio+20 Summit.

Here you can see some Amanda's video reports: