Antonio Franco

I have always had great interest in photography. Not on a conscious way, but I always felt attracted to images in books and magazines.
It was just a hobby until 2006, when I left a 9-to-5 engineering job and started taking pictures full time. First thing I did was shooting concerts and rock bands from the city of Puerto La Cruz, (Venezuela), just out of love for photography and live music.
I published my photos online and all started moving from there. My work at these events was published in websites dedicated to Latin American bands and national printed publications such as the weekly newspaper URBE.
In 2008 I attended a fashion photography workshop taught by Alberto Hernandez, one of the top fashion photographers in Venezuela. Same year, I did photos for catalogs and websites for brand clothing and accessories. Some of my photographs were covers of Venezuelan magazines.
In 2009 I continued shooting bands and concerts. In March of the same year, I took part in the collective exhibition “Female Subject" in Dimitrius Demu Museum, (Lecheria, Venezuela). I also documented performances of over 30 bands in the national rock scene. Additionally that year I had my first participation in the project CIAMI Calendar, a foundation that supports children with Down syndrome. At the end of that year I embarked in a new project along with my colleague Angel Keynner: a webzine called, focusing on Music, Fashion and Pop Art in Venezuela.
In 2011 I attended to workshops in U.S.A, with Scott Kelby in New York and Christopher Anderson in Charlottesville; I did a photo essay called 'Sweat', with fighters of the Charlottesville MMA Institute. At the end of that year I also attended a photography workshop with top Venezuelan Wedding Photographer Jorge Victoria.
In 2012, I covered several corporate events, such as the Latin American Petroleum Show, in addition to social events to private clients. I also attended the Workshop "Photographing People" with photographer Eugene Richards in Charlottesville.
In 2013, I focused primarily in wedding and event photography, and in 2014 I moved to Liverpool, UK, where I’m about to continue with my photographic activity.