Apostolos Gazepis

I have a degree in Marketing from the School of Economic and Administration of Thessaloliki's Tecnological Institution. Having studied extensively Marketing science and the different areas that can be applied I found that the key element of any Business success is the way it can be socialized and there is no any better way to do so by using web 2.0 or the Internet. So I studied web technologies such as (x)html, css, javascript and php.

I am an IT consultant and web designer knowing exactly the way that market works and the way costumers function in the market. Also, for academic reasons in order to obtain my degree, I made many primary and secondary research papers on the way customers react to atmospheric variables of an on line store and how marketing can be applied in the Internet or the competitive advantage or impact Internet has on an old economy industry.
I am experienced in wordpress and buddypress and also I know photoshop , Illustrator and Dreamweaver in excellent level.