Ariana Clausen - Vélez

Ariana Afsanay de Ly is the Official Website for Ariana Clausen -Velez at, is a place where I welcome everyone to stop by for a time, have a cup of tea, wine or coffee and enjoy our articles, book reviews and much more. Many of the writings here are of what is to occur from the coming Eclipses which is known as Mundane Astrology, articles on the Old Religion, Folk Magic, forms of Divination, Ancient Traditions, cross posting of articles and those subjects that are on a deeper level of occult knowledge.

Ariana is originally from the North-western part of the United States from Portland, OR. Ariana has had extensive travels throughout the Continental United States and the Central and Eastern parts of Canada and then returned back to her home in Oregon to receive her Associates Degree in Merchandising and Buying from Western Business College in the early 90′s. Ariana spent many years living in Puerto Rico where she met and lived with her husband and cat, she has since returned to the North-western part of the United States and she is working on obtaining her Masters in Alternative Medicine and to eventually the opening of her own Metaphysical Occult Shoppe in the Portland, OR area.

Ariana is the co-host of WitchTalk a BlogTalk Radio show with Host Kristin Lee. She’s been interviewed by Susun Weed on the Susun Weed Radio Show, Hawthorne on the Spiral Dance Radio show and she does workshops on the Basics of Traditional Astrology, Psychic Self-Defence, Personal Power as well as a Spiritual Mentor and Psychic. She has recently joined the Aralim Spiritual Advisors hotline as a reader and psychic advisor as well as being on the psychic, spiritual advisors at Ohio Valley Psychics, LLC.

Born under the sign of Gemini she has an especially strong connection to the Stars and the Mental Universe being of an above the horizon child of Thoth/Hermes she can understand the planets as they come into their placements and alignments. She has a great love of the stars since early childhood and has always had a strong connection to the spirits, angels, her ancestors, and those energies that bring hidden knowledge and understanding from the invisible plains, such as the planets, stars and the energies they carry into the material plane, as a child she grew up watching them as they moved through space and fascinated at how ones life and behaviour correlate to the planets that rule them.

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