Ariana Clausen - Vélez

I am a Traditional Astrologer, Tarot Reader and an Ordained Reverend in the Commonwealth of Mass and in Puerto Rico. I founded Temple of Diana, Inc., in 2004 April, which in 2006 March became a 501 c 3 Religious Organisation, being based out of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, with members around the globe in the continential United States and Europe. We work with one local charity Bridge Over Troubled Waters which helps at risk teenagers get off the street and back home and their families. We also donate to Stand Up to Cancer in an effort to bring about a cure for this disease that affects so many today.

I am of the Old Religion and believe that the Children are the future and they are to be treated as gifts to us all, whether we have them in our lives or can aid them in being healthly and having a future. As a practicing Priestess I give to the communities in which I live and work in as well as read Traditional Astrology. I believe in humanism and respecting all.

Creator of the Black Walnut Anthology as a part of the Temple of Diana's Fundraising project we began online as an EMagazine and in 2010 we decided to make it an bi-annual publication and it is now available in both paperback and Kindle versions available in eight countries as well as the United States. Our readers and authors of the Black Walnut Anthology are able to both blog and read previews as well as discuss articles and more on our Official Black Walnut Anthology website at We welcome you all.

I am a Red Cross volunteer and worked in Disaster Services from 2006-2011 in the Call Centre helping victims of disasters get the help they needed in times of loss. I enjoy working with the community and helping those who are in need.

I have worked in many areas of business, retail, office mangement, networking administrator, clothing buyer, and more. I have many experiences and I utilise them to build up others as well as my businesses.