Peter J.T. "RoguePaladin" Langdon
Before we get too far, let's introduce the elephant in the room and get that out of the way: I am considered permanently disabled and have neurological disorders into the Autistic range. ***This does NOT mean I am mentally deficient, stupid, retarded, or lesser than other people.*** I will not put up with any judgemental or prejudaced attitudes that I am. If you wanna know details, ask. I am an explorer of possibilities & a hopeless romantic. The two most awe-inspiring and, at the same time, most frightening words in English: "What if?" I love stories and storytelling, especially sci-fi/fantasy; the dynamics of the hero and the villain, the discovery of inner strengths and truths, the conquering of both inner and outer demons, the exploration of the possible and the impossible, the fathomless wonders of the mind and heart. I also love music, technology, & philosophy. I'm very much an absent-minded professor, so be warned. Life is an adventure! I'm a geek, a brainiac and a kid-at-heart in size 13 shoes. I play board games and video games while having philosophical debates on the meanings of life and the universe. I love long conversations over tea or hot chocolate, discussing the wonders of the cosmos. I like being active outdoors and exploring the world around me and just chillin' with friends watching a movie. I love to sing and love to dance. I'm looking primarily for good people to build lasting friendships with and go on crazy (and not so crazy) adventures. That said, I am not "outdoorsy" and though I don't mind country music, I am not a cowboy. If you want a guy who would ALWAYS choose an early morning hike then kayaking across the lake over spending it snuggled on the couch together watching movies or playing games while munching on delivery, I'm NOT your guy. Maybe once in a blue moon a camping trip, but not as a default activity. I'm playful and enjoy many things in life, but I won't put up with head games. I like to be gentle and have a good time... but I'll put my foot down if I feel the need to. I want to feel accepted, but I won't be made a fool. Don't mistake relaxed for weak; I can go toe-to-toe with the best of them and hold my own. Try to play games or create unnecessary drama in my life, then you won't be in my life for long. I've got no time or desire to entertain false fronts or suffer fools. I'm honest, blunt, direct, I don't sugar-coat, and when I give a compliment, it's honest. I give my opinions freely, but I don't expect the