Byron Pickett

Byron "B-MUSIQ" Pickett was born on June 23, 1993 in Chicago, Illinois. At a young age, he began picking notes out on a keyboard from Sesame Street and Barney and at ten he got his first drum set. He participated in the Concert Band at Memorial Junior High School and the Symphonic, Marching, Jazz, and Pit Orchestra Bands at Thornton Fractional South High School and graduated with honors in May of 2011. It was here where Byron, two of his brothers, and four other friends from high school formed the band Phenomenon. Now, Byron is attending Berklee College of Music and dual majoring in Music Production and Engineering and Performance. After college Byron intends to continue performing, as well as own his own studio/recording label.

Byron "B-MUSIQ" Pickett has a special motto when it comes to his art and that motto is "MUSIQ 4 LYFE". Someone might say that he's using bad grammar or that he got part of this from Musiq Soulchild or whatever else they can think of, but he has a very distinct vision of how he feels about his music and of what he wants it to become. When Byron envisions his music, he thinks of the art of Music in general being combined with the Unique sound that he has developed and is still developing which forms "MUSIQ" (when you say it, it rhymes with Unique!). Then after he perfects his MUSIQ, He will unleash it on the world and it will touch the Lives of Youth all over the world. It's not that he won't touch the hearts of all age groups, but the youth are the future and there are way too many of them going off on the wrong tangents for the future to be in good hands. As a producer/performer, Byron wants to be known as B-MUSIQ because he wants others to Be Unique in their own way and he shows this through his music therefore you get B-MUSIQ, but in the end it's all about the concept of touching the future and changing it for the better. It's all about MUSIQ 4 LYFE.