Beth Sanders

High school social studies teacher and connected educator currently residing in Birmingham, AL. Invested in all things innovative, positive and progressive. Believe that technology is a tool that should be used to empower individuals and thus believe that what people do with technology, not the technology itself should be celebrated. Amongst teaching, also a Technology Consultant for Alabama Best Practices Center, co-founder and co-director of Youth Converts Culture, Digital Organizer for IDEA and most recently was named as an Apple Distinguished Educator, Class of 2013 and Teacher of the Year for Tarrant City Schools. Previously a Connected Coach for the Powerful Learning Practice Network and blogger for Voices of the Learning Revolution. Believe strongly in the power of technology not only as a means of support but also to engage, enlighten and energize all 21st century learners and educators alike. Sir Ken Robinson was quoted saying “technology on its own doesn’t do much, it is what you do with it that makes the difference. The technologies we have available in our schools don’t make for great education, but great educators can make something great of them.” Ultimate goal is to give educators and learners alike the support necessary to utilize digital tools to maximize their teaching and learning to the highest level in order to not only be life eligible, but life ready. Passionate about education reform, social justice, 21st century skills, purposeful technology integration, opportunity equality and genuine equity in education. North star in all things is equity and in constant pursuit of embedding purposeful and passion driven learning into the learning environment. Believe the purpose of public education is to support every person to become independent, aware, empathetic, problem-solvers who cannot only live in but thrive in an every changing and interconnected world.