Brittany Watson

I'm a Community Manager in the online gaming industry. You might know me as CMEres. A few of the games I've worked on are Runes of Magic, A Mystical Land, Dragon Soul, Desert Operations, Romadoria, Wargame1942 and various side projects. 

Originally I'm from Louisiana but now I'm a resident of the "The Golden State," California. I can type 72 WPM and twirl a flag at the same time! Just kidding you! I can do both just not at the same time.

Being apart of the Gaming Industry is something I love because I can work with a community that I can relate too, being a gamer myself. I love art and enjoying it's existence. Hence the reason why I love games, tattoos and anime! Yes, I have three tattoos and I'm a big anime fan. Recently I've become interested in photography. It's a little bit of art and personality that I can create myself.

If your interested in knowing more about me or if your looking for some status updates for Games, Contest, Movies, Everything and Anything; then connect with me through my social handles below.