Christian Dion

Bonjour and welcome!
First, I'm a passionate student of life who's committed to inspiring people to live their greatest lives. I place strong focus on value-based relationships, working/building great teams and not taking myself too seriously. I love working with people to develop new creative ideas and proposals. I am right handed and right brained. People say that I'm a great source of energy, passion and creativity.

On a more professional note: Over the course of my career, I had the pleasure to work for world class organizations such as Procter & Gamble, Yahoo!, Pepsi-QTG and Whirlpool. Through my various sales & marketing position, I've seen a revolution happened which accelerated at a dramatic pace over the last 5 years. It can be summarized like this:

Thanks to the digital age, marketing the way we've always done it doesn't work anymore (if it ever did). Today, whether we sell vitamins or software solutions, we deal with empowered buyers. Buyers can research, select and purchase their products without getting you involved. Everything has shifted. Today's perceptions drive people's decisions to buy (your products or services but most importantely: YOU) and you've got less than five seconds to get their attention. Their perceptions are created through the internet and word of mouth. Bottom line, consumers are increasingly "Teflon" to advertising in favor of referral from friends, and craving for real authentic products & services (and people!). Make sense?

So I jumped off the corporate ship and started two businesses: A word of mouth marketing consultancy boutique agency where I work with top brands/professionals/speakers/authors, helping them power their WOM (Word of Mouth) engine with the support of my valued business partners.
I also run an international wellness business relying entirely on Word of Mouth to market its products. Teaching others to tap into the next trillion dollar industry (Wellness industry) with the most powerful/turnkey business model on the planet is a profound passion of mine.