Christian Plante

I'm a long time I.T. geek with a background in anything that sticks to a dartboard. I hate being pigeonhold into a particular subject area so I like to move around and learn a lot. Right now the flavour of the day is Social Media, SharePoint, FoIP, and any Web 2.0/3.0 type technologies. Prior to that I would have told you I'm a Citrix/Active Directory guy. But let's be honest, they're all buzz words and I hate buzz words.

I'm also a "Rock Climbing Enthusiast" and I say enthusiast because despite my years of experience and capability I've never progressed beyond a 5.10+/5.11- level of difficulty. I know what it would take to get there but I just haven't done it. Instead I've focused on enjoying the sport.

I'm not lazy but I'm not particularly motivated. I'll work very hard until the job is done and then I'll want to goof around, so don't feel offended. But that said I'm not going to try to hard to find work to do.

I'm also Aggressive/Passive - I like to cause a fuss and then sit back and see how it plays out. Watching someone handle that kind of stress tells me more about who they are then 10 years of frequent contact. Try it out :)