Conor McKechnie

I lead Communications and Public Affairs for GE Healthcare Life Sciences. 

I help people understand the important issues in healthcare, life sciences and biotechnology. If there's a question you want answered, I'm likely to know someone who can answer it for you. Try me.

By sharing ideas and getting the right people talking, discussing, meeting, arguing & agreeing on how to tackle some of the hardest questions in healthcare, I hope I am doing my bit. 

My loved ones and I are sometimes patients. We don’t like that, but it is inevitable. 

So I have a vested interest in healthcare being as good as we can make it.

I’m doing what I can to help. Working and learning at GE Healthcare is about the best place I have found to do that.

The background image on this page is a hi-resolution cellular microscopy image of HIV (in green) travelling down the microtubules (in red) towards the cell's nucleus (in blue)

Image courtesy Dave McDonald, University of Illinois/GE Healthcare.