Dan Dzombak

Dan joined the Motley Fool through its Analyst Development Program in 2008. After completing the 1-year program, he became the Motley Fool's Energy Editor, focusing on the oil and natural gas markets. At the same time, he followed the development of the online investing space. In late 2011, he started work as the Motley Fool’s Online Financial Services Analyst, following the online investing space and new disruptions emerging from the Financial Technology (FinTech) scene. At the end of 2012 he chose to work independently as an investor, writer, and entrepreneur.

He writes at the Motley Fool and at his own site: DanDzombak.com. His work has been featured in Time, USA Today and Business Insider.

Dan’s investing interests lay in great companies, arbitrage, and special situations. His style can be called "concentrated value" - rather than owning a little bit of everything, he concentrates his capital on his best ideas. Dan works every day to learn and improve his investing skills. He writes about his journey and process for The Motley Fool.

The financial services industry is, finally, beginning to rapidly be affected by the technology-enabled disruptive innovation trends that have swept through so many other industries in the past ten years. There are huge opportunities for those who use today’s new technologies and platforms to offer innovative services. Dan thinks about, works on, and writes about the FinTech space.

Investment Process
Learning | Mental Models | Rationality
Deliberate Practice | Excellence
Organizational / Research / Innovation Excellence

Non-Research Interests
Chelsea Football Club, DC United, Ultimate Frisbee