DealDash's mission is to be the fun and social marketplace for deals. The 5 year old startup quickly grew its userbase to over 4 million customers and ships thousands of products with FREE SHIPPING to customers every day. The fact that you can buy the item you were bidding on for its regular price and get a full return of the bids spent trying to win differentiates DealDash from other operators in the industry. DealDash believes shopping online should be just as fun as going to the mall!

See live auctions here and a customer video here.

How Works?

  1. Sign up & Buy a Bid Pack.
  2. Select items of interest.
  3. Bid, Win, Save!
  4. Buy it Now to get your bids back free!

DealDash members win amazing deals everyday & tens of thousands of packages are shipped free every month. See Facebook DealDash winners!

How does DealDash make money?

  1. Bidders purchase Bids in packs of 100 and other sizes.
  2. DealDash uses the sales generated by selling Bids to fund the highly discounted auction prices.

Why DealDash?

  1. The biggest problem with penny auctions is that bidders who don't win the auction, lose their bids and leave the auction empty handed.
  2. On DealDash, bidders that don't win the auction, can buy the identical item for its normal retail price using the Buy it Now, and get back all the bids used for free!
  3. When you use the Buy it Now on DealDash, you always get all your bids back for free. The pricing is competitive and many times you end up paying less than you would at any other store. Plus, you still have a chance of winning great deals!