Desi K. Robinson

Rooted in culture, education, lifestyle and entertainment, Desi has been inspired by the stories of children she’s met around the world. She’s taught and mentored children throughout NYC, Canada and Ecuador and has produced and co-authored several children’s musicals and story-book play adaptations. She is the creator and host of Women in the Making: Tomorrow's History Today©, a health and lifestyle show on WBAI Radio 99.5 FM highlighting the views, perspective, questions, goals and accomplishments of today's girl. WIM covers a full range of topics from images in the media, finances and school to healthy eating, careers and the role of girls and women in revolutions around the world. Desi also created What's Cookin' in the World, Miss Desi? © - an arts-based international cooking program to address the bevy of health issues plaguing today's youth, including childhood obesity. What's Cookin'© explores culinary cultural landscapes and fosters in students new cultural experiences while "pushing" their palates, offering them options for healthy eating. Desi explored the fundamentals of human nutrition and the connection between food and wellness while apprenticing at The Natural Gourmet Institute for Health & Culinary Arts. Desi is an urban belle who continues the connection between food and wellness as an urban farmer and proprietor of DeVyne Crown Farm. She is also a certified professional food service manager. Desi holds an MBA in media management from Metropolitan College of New York and a BA in Communication from the University of Hartford. Desi is a freelance reporter for WBAI Radio in New York and Rice N' Peas magazine in London, England where she's written articles on the ever-changing ideals of beauty, the politics of obesity, the politics of music, the evolution in hip-hop culture, and the influences of celebrity in activism. She is a former board member of the award-winning Children's Theatre Company in Greenwich Village.