Dumptruck is an emcee and voice over actor whose life is fueled by the explosive sport of roller derby and the fast paced motor sports culture. Whether it's a concert festival, promotions tour, or a roller derby bout, this is the voice you've been waiting to hear. Voted "announcer of the year" in 2010, 2011, & 2012 by the roller derby community on Derby News Network, he strives to help build on the already existing roller derby subculture one bout at a time. Formerly the voice of Harley-Davidson at a variety of events, Dumptruck can now be found as the voice of the famous "Wrecking Balls" obstacle at the R.O.C. Race (www.rocrace.com) and with Jack Daniel's Whiskey hosting the Rock & Roll Bar Tender Competition nationwide! Amidst his journey across the country going from one show to the next he diligently searches for America's signature cuisines and shenanigans. Just follow the fun, and he'll be there stirring the pot. Work it out.