Eb the Celeb

Known for her 'no holds barred' personality and hilarious celebrity interviews, Eb the Celeb is a ball of energy that produces content from the heart whether it's in radio, as a web host, or blogging. She's been talent for WJMH in Greensboro, NC,  ESPN Mobile, BET and more; and has worked as a journalist/content producer for ESPN, MTV, Sirius|XM, VIBE Vixen, AOL Black Voices, CentricTV.com and more & continues to build her resume as a media personality. With over 10 years experience in the entertainment industry, her witty recollection of events and unconventional music critic tactics are both informative and entertaining. An A&R at heart, and really promotes music and artists she believes in whether she is getting a check for it or not, but definitely not afraid to tell it like it is if something is really bad, has led her to be a brand online outlets really trust. There is never a dull moment so saddle up and enjoy the ride!