Elisa Giorgini

Elisa got a Master’s Degree in Languages for International Communications in 2009 at the University of Bologna. During this time she got an Erasmus Scholarship at the University of Vienna in Austria where she had the chance to study languages, linguistics and culture; the same happened in Summer of 2004 when she spent 3 months in Spain attending a Spanish language course at the University of Alicante and at the same time working as welcoming staff in one of the restaurants of the city. During these and other experiences abroad she had the chance to live and work together with people of different countries and getting in touch with several cultures at the same time.

At the end of her studies, in 2009, she flew to the USA in order to improve her English language skills. In the Big Apple Elisa worked as a nanny for an American family for 6 months looking after a 2 year-old italian-american baby, Luca.

Back from the USA while she was looking for a job in Italy, she was interviewed for her first job in recruitment at Westhouse Consulting in the italian branch. In November 2009 she started her adventure in recruitment. She was recruiting contract IT freelancer all over the world, in Italy, Spain, Germany, France, UK, Korea and Abu Dhabi.

In March 2010 she was contacted by her current company and she went through the K2 Partnering Solutions internal recruitment process. She was part of the Southern Europe Team that opened up the permanent desk focused on the italian and spanish market in the London office. After a success story on the SAP market, she moved to Oracle and Vertical technologies within the italian market.  

Today her focus is Salesforce.com across Europe. She loves to recruit for different technologies that can help the companies to make their business more efficient and effective and she is fascinated by the power of People’s Network and the Social Media in order to recruit new talent.

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