Enchanted Seashells Confessions of a Tugboat Captain

AKA Princess Rosebud. Sometimes he's here, sometimes he's not. What. Ever. I'm married to a tug boat captain who travels the world while I stay home, scrub the tile with rubber gloves and a toothbrush, then shop 'til I drop. My proudest accomplishment is being the mom of a wonderful son who has his Ph.D. from Yale, where he's a prof. In the real world, I have a background in education, marketing, advertising, and public relations. I've been in a few films, helped my surfer/captain husband with a surf-related radio show, owned a couple small businesses, and co-directed a non-profit organization. Right now, I'm building a copy editing and proofreading career. I love seashells and rocks, gardening and baking, Chanel, Hello Kitty, and anything sparkly or leopard print. I've been a vegetarian, mostly vegan - since high school. I'm an ardent animal activist. Any questions?