Eric K. Noji, M.D.

Dr. Eric K Noji is a medical doctor living in Washington DC who has spent the better part of the past 25 years as a specialist in disaster management, humanitarian assistance and emergency preparedness. His technical innovations have been visionary, revolutionizing medical care in disaster situations and influential in establishing public health standards for emergency fieldworkers. A member of the prestigious Institute of Medicine of the US National Academies of Science, he recently co-founded an organization whose core work is to strengthen corporate, government and voluntary organization partnerships to strengthen disaster preparedness, response, recovery, and reconstruction and resilience. In addition to his humanitarian and disaster aid work, he spends much of his time raising awareness and money for organizations that work to strengthen the education and health of children with very special needs who are homeless, abused, starving, illiterate, left orphaned or destitute by natural disasters, or traumatized by war. In his upcoming and highly anticipated memoirs, he recounts his unorthodox career path, what inspired him, and why he always keeps his options open. His medical work and frequent wanderings, usually undertaken at the spur of the moment and for no particular reason at all other than for the sheer joy travel to unknown places brings him have taken him over the years from the deserts of Arabia, to Amazonian tropical rain forests in Colombia controlled by violent drug cartels, to virtually inaccessible monasteries high up in the Himalayas looking to find a path to spiritual peace among the dedicated monks who live there, and finally just this year, working as a medical doctor caring for scientists in Antarctica because he wanted to experience the sheer isolation of living and working in probably the most austere, hazardous and inhospitable place on Earth The more exotic the locale, austere the environment, unusual the local customs and cuisine and hazardous the conditions, so much the better. His stories of these exotic lands, their inhabitants and unique cultures are almost mythic in their grandeur and epic sweep. The life and times of Dr. Eric Noji have become more the stuff of legend, rather than that of the simple country doctor he aspired to become as a young medical student.