Eric McCormick

There is so much more that I can't tell you about all of it. For now, the big things you need to know are:

  • I'm a Full-Stack Web Developer (think web applications and not just pretty pages)
  • My preferred back-end languages are SSJS (NodeJS, Express) and Java
  • My preferred front-end uses the AngularJS MV* framework and Bootstrap3 CSS framework (with Font Awesome!)
  • My day job involves a considerable amount of Domino and XPages work
  • I do all sorts of web development, from web applications for business platforms to personal blog custom themes, dynamic content generation (front end dev), mobile applications and more
  • I've been doing web development and design since 2003
  • I've "done Java" off and on since 2003
  • I've been working on IBM Domino and XPages (a JSF abstraction layer) since 2011
  • I'm a hobbyist photographer, something I wish I could spend more time doing, as design and content should be appreciated in all their forms, especially life