Erich Sherman

Hey there! If you're here, then you probably want to know a bit about me. Or you're lost. In which case, I hope you find your way soon, oh lost one.

This page is primarily about my experience as an amatuer game creator. You can find a list of my finished projects below along with some screenshots to the right of this bio.

In addition to making games, I'm also an editorial director, freelance writer, and part-time rock star.


Demake Hero

A low-tech version of Guitar Hero completed for a mini-game jam focused on demakes.

Web Version | Ludum Dare page

You Are The One

A simple platformer created during Ludum Dare 28, a 2-day game jam competition. Out of over 1200 games submitted to the competition, You Are The One placed in the top 100 for "fun" and top 200 "overall."

Web Version | Ludum Dare page

Heavy Metal Kate

My first game jam project, completed for a Magical Girl jam.

Downloadable Version | Game Jam Submission