Erich Sherman

Hey there! If you're here, then you probably want to know a bit about me. Or you're lost. In which case, I hope you find your way soon, oh lost one.

This page is about my experience as an amatuer game creator. You can find a list of my finished projects below along with some screenshots to the right of this bio.


Core Collector

A space shooter created during Ludum Dare 29, a 2-day game jam competition. Players must shoot the outer layers of the space station to reveal its inner core, which must then be collected by the player's ship. Out of over 1400 games submitted to the competition, Core Collector placed in the top 25 for "fun" and top 100 "overall."

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You Are The One

A simple platformer created during Ludum Dare 28, a 2-day game jam competition. Players complete a series of platformer levels and may collect optional items. Out of over 1200 games submitted to the competition, You Are The One placed in the top 100 for "fun" and top 200 "overall."

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A sidescrolling puzzle game created during Ludum Dare 30. Players control two blocks in separate worlds as they try to assist one another in merging the two worlds through puzzle solving.

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Demake Hero

A low-tech version of Guitar Hero completed for a mini-game jam focused on demakes.

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Heavy Metal Kate

My first game jam project, completed for a Magical Girl jam.

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