Father Jim St. George

I am a Catholic Priest in the Franciscan Order and I serve as pastor of Saint Miriam Parish in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia. We are an inclusive Franciscan, Old Catholic Parish Community, with a strong emphasis on worship and a life of prayer and where we honor the Sacraments! We provide a strong Catholic Liturgy and liberal Catholic education, and welcome everyone without reservation. I am also a Trauma Chaplain, Adjunct University Professor, and Bishop-elect of the Diocese, an occasional blogger, and I perform quite a few weddings! Oh how I love weddings! I know that I do not have all the answers; equally, I know God doesn't care... So, what do I seek? Well, it is rather simple, really: a world that at least leans toward justice...with less hate, more love, a little substance, and perhaps a place that John Lennon would be proud to live in...imagine!