Francine Dee

Hi, I'm Francine Dee, A hot blooded Fillapina nude model.  It's nice to meet you! is my home - Only child of William and Astrid , born July 21st, 1978. The year of the Horse, free, unyielding, never to be tamed by man or woman. I am freedom. I entered this industry as a girl, I am now a ripe woman, meow.

Discard my last bio, lies, cute little lies. This kitten was born and raised in Cebu City, Philippines . The universe is my playground. I'm not a good girl, not even in my sleep. I'm a pleasure seeking creature. The mundane bores me, therefore I keep a stable of lovers for entertainment.

Los Angeles was my training ground, and Vegas is where I sharpen my claws. I am not rational; I am emotional, rough and raw. I enjoy drama and intrigue, champagne and sweet strawberries, red meat and I am strictly dickly.

I love sensual touches; I need to feel electricity when a man touches me or nothing. I don't find the need to procreate, I don't compromise me and I thank the cosmos everyday for my blessings.

I've been in trouble with the law before, but what bad bitch hasn't? I don't ask for permission, but I do ask for forgiveness. Spearmint Rhino, Vegas is my sandbox. A true seductress to the bone, a queen of spades sitting pretty in her luxurious throne, that's who I am.

My baby I welcome you to my sexy world, get lost with me, feel me, allow me to enter your soul. Let us merge and live and let live.