Gabrielle Baker

One of my avid interests is Bible study. I led several Bible study clubs at my church from 2006-2009 for children ranging from ages four to thirteen. In 2009, I created a website in order that my friends and associates would want to be closer to God. I recently started a ministry directed at my generation: PlugIn2God.

My next big interest -- writing. My motto is "Words Are My Life". I enjoy writing on religion, health, and history, in addition to updating content on my websites. In line with this interest, and I currently pursuing my Certificate of Journalism through UMassOnline.

When it comes to music, I really enjoy singing, and I know a little bit of French horn. I also have some instruction in playing the piano, and I play hymns for our family's devotional time and sometimes for my church. I also like making some of my own songs (mostly religious) and I love writing poems and lyrics.

The best new thing in my life is country living.