Gabrielle Baker

I love children and I love teaching and I love health and I love God.

Put them all together and you have B.L.T. -- Bible Lifestyle for Today. I want to hit every city in West Virginia with mini BLT programs so that children everywhere can enjoy a healthy and fulfilling life, here and for eternity.

In between working on a cookbook and program manual, I spend my time writing; managing my church's correspondence Discover Bible School; or planning my school curriculum for yet another year of collegiate homeschool. My current goal is to study Naturopathy to complement my recent certification in Journalism from the University of Massachusetts.

When it comes to music, I really enjoy singing, and I am perfecting the French horn. I also have some instruction in playing the piano, and I play hymns for our family's devotional time and sometimes for my church. I also like making some of my own religious songs.

I enjoy country living, gardening, and running in the hose. :-)