Henry Botzler

Those who had gold, always had money.

In the course of 5000 years, from the Pharaohs to the president, gold as a symbol of power and wealth is known. Who had gold, always had money. It has not changed to this day. Whoever has the gold, will always have money. Meanwhile Nations disappeared, currencies disappeared, only gold remains a measure of the value of goods. Gold is a unique commodity that never loses value and at no other product can be compared to gold. The Calmness can be bought with gold. It is an indisputable fact.

Top 10 reasons to invest in real STRATEGIC gold.
Gold has always been and will remain so in the future: the legendary precious metal in the world.

2 Gold will always be in demand and is limited unlike paper money.

3 Gold is an inflation-proof investment.

4 Unlike paper currency, stocks, or securities generally is gold never loses its intrinsic value

5 Gold retains its value despite political and social upheavals, wars and natural disasters

6 A tangible and liquid asset, gold and silver is the only true international currency, which is their sustainability.

7 The current U.S. debt and many other Insustrienationen, as well as the impact of the current global economic crisis should at least speak for stable gold prices. Moreover, this is an ideal breeding ground for rising prices.

8 Real and Physical gold is the safest way to invest in precious metals

9 Gold should be part of every optimally diversified investment

10th No other investment has the wealth preserving power of gold Strategically.

The precious metal is recession-proof and inflation-protected.

As independent states Cash it is inter-nationally recognized and isa high appreciationnot floating.

Investors buy gold, also because their confidence wanes in the paper currencies. In many Asian countries gold is valued as an alternative store of value for many generations. Not change and falling precious metal prices nothing. On the contrary.

Gold is not only since the outbreak of the financial and economic crisis in 2007 in the Centre of attention. The precious metal has enjoyed for thousands of years of great appreciation by people of various cultures. Already around the year 5000 BC. The high value of gold is based has always been in the relatively low amount of raw material. Up to the present day succeed only through elaborate procedures to