My name is SusanClaire Mayfield and I live in a delightful old home in the country in New Zealand. I have been quilting for many years and have been designing quilting patterns for a long time now!

I love to design and write patterns for quilts and bags and other quilt related items and now have quite a large range.

As a quiltmaking tutor, I have a variety of styles and techniques to offer, please contact me for more information.

As a Quilting Tips & Techniques tutorials presenter, I have many video tutorials available on GourmetQuilter on YouTube.

I am currently spending some time in the UK on board a wide-beam narrow boat! I hope to be working from the boat as well as doing some travel in the UK and seeing some of my family. One extreme to another, my lovely large studio in NZ into this small space on a boat! Life is such an adventure!