GruvNited Music

It's not really that hard to understand. I am about one thing and one thing only, creating the Gruv! I eat, sleep and live for the making of music. If I did not ever make a dime (which seems to be the case now) I would still write and share my gruv. I believe that it is for this purpose, I am here. Now if I can only get the rest of the world to notice.

Sometimes, you have to push the uphill before you can begin to roll. My main objective is to write and produce for other artist who can get into my gruv. There has to be a gruv connection between an artist and the producer. A soul tie if you know what I mean.

I have been at this game for over 30 years. I played keyboards, drums, percussions and a little bass. I also sing vocals. I performed more in my formative years (15 -30). I really found more fulfillment in the studio. And I've been there ever since.

Please fill free to check out my music and videos. Let me know what you think. Tell me your hopes and dreams. And let's see if we can make a soundtrack to life that we all can enjoy.

The above Soundcloud player will play all of the songs that I have on file. And more are being added weekly. It's sort of a "greatest hits" spanning from about 15 years ago until just yesterday. Please enjoy some of my home cooking.