Heather Brittain O'Scanlon

Over the last two years Heather has booked principal roles in more than a dozen films. Look for her to hit the festival circuit in her forthcoming film, "Tom's Dilemma", a feature directed by Miguel Gluckstern, and produced by the Sundance award-winning Darren Dean (Kinyarwanda, Prince of Broadway). Prior to that she played a lead role in the feature film "Rearview Mirrors", written & directed by Jonathan Lipp (Big Apple Film Festival founder). Heather also recently had a principal role in "The End", starring Cassidy Lehrman (HBO's Entourage).
In addition to her film work, Heather recently produced her own music video (Check it out HERE!), did a number of commercials, as well as voice over work for television, commercials and a film trailer.
Heather is feeling momentum from the amount of recent bookings and intends to keep the ball rolling! She has several projects in the queue, and 2015 promises to be a very good year!