John Elliott Taylor

"Insight provides your vision, action creates your reality"

John Taylor is a sought after strategist, coach, and advisor to startup CEOs and Founders.

A systems thinker, with broad experience in start-ups, rapid implementations, and creating results, he brings efficiency and speed to uncovering and removing existing challenges and limitations, and replacing them with effective and success-oriented behaviors and solutions.

He is a personal coach and advisor to startup founders, CEOs, and those who want to live fully actualized lives and expand their impact in the world, and leads the Maverick Masters which provides transformational adventures for thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and executive teams.

He serves on the executive board of Richard Branson's Galactic Unite (, part of Virgin Unite (, which is dedicated to inspiring youth in the fields of science, technology, math, engineering, and business entrepreneurship (STEM+).

He is also a Founding Member of The Neutrino Foundation (, the creator of Neutrino, a decentralized cryptocurrency designed to protect the privacy and security of financial transactions.

A speaker on leadership and masculinity, he participates regularly in a host of technology, business, and cultural programs and forums, and has been recognized by the Consulate General of the United States for his humanitarian work in Ecuador.