John Taylor

Serial entrepreneur, published physicist, CEO, COO, founder and co-founder of five companies, who has consulted to top financial and technology firms in the U.S. He has been recognized by the Consulate General of the United States for his humanitarian work in Ecuador, is a Virgin Galactic Future Astronaut, and an avid kite-boarder. As CEO of Cloud Integration Consultants, he creates efficiencies and positive impacts in companies to make the world a better place. As founder of the Maverick Masters, he leads transformational adventures for thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and executive teams, and coaches those who want to expand their impact in the world and live fully actualized lives.

He currently serves on the executive board of two non-profits including Richard Branson's Galactic Unite, part of Virgin Unite, which is dedicated to inspiring youth in the fields of science, technology, math, engineering and business entrepreneurship (STEM+).