James Barrett

I am a final stage PhD candidate at the Department of Language Studies at Umeå University in Sweden. I have been working and researching in HUMlab since Masters level studies in 2003-04. My PhD thesis is entitled "The Ergodic Revisited: Spatiality as a Governing Principle of Digital Literature", which examines how spatial representation in selected digital literary works creates the conditions for interaction and narrative.

I have published on narrative in trans-cultural and digital media contexts, with a particular interest in the concepts of reading and performance. I also work with networks in digital art, virtual worlds, social media, sound as a symbolic medium, pedagogy that involves digital media, and digital culture. I teach cultural studies, literature, and narrative design in 2D and 3D media.

I am a musician, sound artist and poet with over 40 000 downloads online. I have performed at festivals in Australia, Holland, Germany and Sweden. I have released music on independent music labels in Australia, the United States and Ukraine. I live in Stockholm, Sweden.