Jay Danzie
Jay Danzie, the debonair dynamo behind the "Danzie Dialog" blogs, is fast becoming one of the most sought after & talked about prolific writers of the millennium. After taking the business world by storm with his entrepreneurial masterpiece, “The POWER of the Middleman”, Jay has now penned one of the most provocative & controversial relationship books of our time, “Changing My Status to... Open Relationships”. An international media darling, Jay Danzie has been running the gamut of success from the U.S to Europe & back again. Having travelled many parts of the world, he has been nicknamed the "Travel Companion" & shares his tips inside another interesting work of art entitled "How to travel on a shoestring" that help others to do the same. His recent brush with death, and narrow escape has changed his life even more being a survivor of Hurricane Sandy. He admits that his life has more meaning now, more than ever and he receives his life as a gift from the 'FATHER OF ALL'. Known as The Expressive Male, Jay began his road to success as a starving hip-hop artist & mentor, which ironically landed him speaking engagements in other countries. He has spearheaded a conflict resolution program at Marcus Garvey in Detroit which has been a model to help Urban students resolve conflicts that has been implemented by principle James Hearn in 2012. The next leg of his journey took him into entrepreneurial territory as CEO of Danzie Dezerts, creating hordes of Banana Dream Fiends across the globe with his world famous signature dessert. Jay then found himself returning home to his roots in the entertainment industry managing artists as a PR Specialist to the Stars and Writer for UDUB Urban Dance Magazine. His tenacious dedication to being successful is nothing short of insatiable. Neither financial setbacks nor the heartbreak of previously failed businesses has been able to stop this young father of two & handsome media mogul from building unparalleled success. A devout practitioner of the Law of Attraction, Jay has once again re-aligned himself with the Universal Will to answer his true calling as a highly acclaimed author & motivational speaker. As a person of affluence, he believes in making a difference in his community & is starting his first grass-roots non profit organization known as L.Y.N.N. (Love Your Neighbor Network). He continues to address the social economic equality conditions for all races but he especially has a soft spot