Jeffrey Quintero

Purpose: Awakening Humanity to The Gift of Common Truth

Past: CoCreator of: , Burger King i2i Patent

Roles: Integral Philosopher, Cultural Architect, Technology Opportunity Synergizer

Goal: 100 Million Purposeness CoFunders By 2020

Legacy: Qualence "The Science of Quality Emergence"

Validation of Qualence:

Jean Houston, Nov. 2003...

"A superb piece of original philosophy, and belongs in the great traditions of the philosophers who have thought to reveal the ontological structures of existence. If taken seriously, Quintero's existential metaphysics, can lead to revelatory states of mind that bring the student close to 'original mind', and with it, 'original grace'

Depak Chopra, Feb. 2004...

"Great work...You are already a member of the new humanity"

Ken Wilber, Aug. 2004...

"What you are trying to do is more difficult than what I have done"