Jessica Rivily

Alive since August 16th, 1994.

Professional Photographer since August 2009.

In love with my soul mate since November 2nd, 2009.

Student at Lake Washington Institute of Technology since July 2012.

Certified Nursing Assistant since September 2012.

I'm fiercely creative and will always put art and creativity into EVERYTHING I do.

I'm a zebra by birth but I embrace my stripes and take what life throws at me. And I come out a fighter and on top.

I love people, and love helping people. I am working to be a Registered Nurse, preferably in a Pediatric hospital. I have volunteered for Northwest Harvest, Seattle Children's Hospital, Ehlers-Danlos National Foundation, Children's Rare Disease Network, and others.

Compassionate, creative, and determined. Guitarist, country singer, Unitarian Universalist, ice skater, artist, and giver.