Jonathan Harnum

Hi, Jon Harnum here. Proud Alaskan, multi-instrumentalist, and author of four music-related books. I've got over 30 years playing and 20 years of teaching under my belt, including a PhD in music education from Northwestern University. I play mostly trumpet and guitar, write, and teach. For the last few years I've played Gypsy Jazz and led a free improvisation group in Chicago. I've recently moved to Connecticut and love getting back out into the woods and out on the ocean when taking a break from writing and working on my one-man-band chops.

My fifth music book The Practice of Practice, will be out in July, 2014 thanks to 154 awesome backers for the book's successful KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN.

Because of my belief in the power of music and education, Since 2001, I've given away well over a million copies of my books for free online to music students all over the world.
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My Books published by Sol Ut Press (
Basic Music Theory: How to Read, Write, and Understand Written Music
Sound the Trumpet: How to Blow Your Own Horn
Basic Jazz Theory, volume 1
The Practice of Practice

Published by Hal Leonard:
All About Trumpet

Scholarly publication:

Compose Yourself: Older Adults and Garage Band, in