Joseph Dozier (Tex)

I am an avid and fervid entrepreneur, general consultant, and pro-liberty politico. I've been known as a "public affairs provocateur" by opponents and antithetical causes.

At the root of my work and my life is a passion to write, to think outside-of-the-box, to affect political change, to understand psychological/behavioral motiviations (actionable data), and to advance liberty across the globe. I run a consulting firm, JTD Strategies, that provides targeted and creative communications strategies for political, corporate, and non-profit clients.

I survived the University of Chicago & earned highest honors -- i.e., courting this lovely redhead. I immensely love my wife, my native Texas, fine scotch, maduro-wrapped cigars, scuba diving, and two of America's greatest contributions to the world -- jazz and baseball.

We take too many breaths for granted. So I strive each day to live a life pleasingly to God, lovingly to family, sincerely to friends, dutifully to country, & respectfully to my fellow man.

Let's connect. Become friends. Maybe do business. Make some waves.