Kary Delaria

I'm intrigued by digital communications, both personally and professionally.

I ask more questions than I'll ever have answers for:
Why do we communicate in these spaces the way we do?
What implications does that pose on our society and culture?
What slice of that pie belongs to brands and how should they connect with their customers?

With 15 years of experience in public relations, media relations and marketing communication, I now work to develop digital and social communications strategy, specializing in social media community management, monitoring and analysis. I help organizations identify benchmarks, goals, and opportunities for maximizing their online presence; develop tactics to support sales and marketing objectives; and create systems to measure and monitor success.

I'm tenacious with a to-do list, steadfast in my ideals, curious and adaptable to change, and inspired by progress.

Care to work together? I'd love to connect. (Email: Kary[at]Delariaco.com.)