Katie Felten

I work with brands to set the vision and build the strategy for their community. In my career, I have consistently exemplified the four key elements necessary for successfully building communities: community advocacy, brand evangelism, savvy communication skills and editorial planning, and excelling as the liaison between internal decision makers and community members.

Let me clarify; if you’re not sure what I mean by community, I suggest reading “What is a Community Manager, and Why You Need One” below. While the title is relatively new, I realized the traits that make a Community Manager successful are inherent to my personality, and aligned with much of the work I’d already been doing. With over a decade of experience as an educator, trainer, speaker, video host and blogger, I’d found the niche for my particular set of skills and knowledge.

Fast forward to today - after 5 years of successfully setting strategy and managing communities, I’ve found that the role of a Community Manager is maturing into two separate directions: strategy and execution. I believe companies benefit most from a community strategy; fortunately this blends well with my particular skill set and passion, which is rooted in the high-level direction. Although execution is necessary, much of it can fall flat of achieving a company’s goals without a strategy set to their implementation plan.

In response to this need, I developed a Community Playbook. Now, I specialize in setting community strategies, working exclusively with clients to build a tailored Community Playbook that builds and sustains the momentum of their content, marketing, and social strategies.

If I’m not interacting with a community, I can most likely be found rock climbing, juicing, in a Bikram yoga studio, listening to electronic dance music, and generally pursuing the spirit of adventure.

If you’re interested in learning more, why don’t we connect and see whether a Community Playbook is the right fit for you.