Kenny Sible

Kenny is a freshman in High School who has a gifted talent in programming. He created a company called Spanish Now in 2010 which got over 1000 visitors and was done in html. It taught Spanish to people with lesson, quizzes, etc. It is still up today as a landmark. The URL is He then got into software development. His first application was a notepad created in Visual Basic. He was 13 and in 8th grade when the progam was created. It was designed to keep class notes because the school had a administrator lock on the default Windows Notepad. From their his skills grew. He created programs such as Jaguar Browser, PCLogger, Green Thunder, and Modex. He then created a developer company called SND (Spanish Now Development). He hired 5 people to help him with his projects. The main idea of his company was to create software for people to give them a full experiece at Spanish Now. He then got interested in Operating Systems and created SNOS a excutable operating system for Windows. Afterwards he created Actara Development, his company today. Actara Development was founded in 2011, but DevNote was founded in 2010 for Spanish Now. He the attempted to write his own operating system after being inspired by MikeOS. He wrote his first OS called Karrot, which was DOS-Based. He still continues today to try to make a Linux-Based OS. His URL was and He started learning C++/C#/Java/BASIC/HTML/PHP. He knew the basics of all languages and advanced BASIC/HTML/C++. He then developed DevNote in Visual Basic 8. This was a developing notepad and was a revolution to him. As he progressed He created 16 versions from v1 to v7.4. The newest includes Metro Desing/Java Compiler/Script Editor/C# Compiler and much more. He then bought the URL and hired people for his company. His email is and partnered with Meebo. He also joined CNET, Softonic, and Sourceforge to sell DevNote. DevNote can be downloaded from He continues to achieve developing excellence today with the help of his employees Austin, Arjun, Ryan, and Garrett. He is a inspiration to all young developers and hopes to achieve the highest standards for software developing. DevNote is currently #42 out of 724 on CNET for software developing.