Kevin Jimeno

It always seems difficult for me to write about myself.... What defines me?

My perspective is always to never set limits for myself, so I never want to describe myself.

I am constantly evolving so what I write today becomes inaccurate tomorrow.

But I’ll go ahead and play the game for today .. An entrepreneur in the age of information. A Social Entrepreneur, with the notion that entrepreneurs aka Tribal Leaders need to rethink how they will connect with the new Social Consumers, their Tribes. Creating a new business plan is essential for all entrepreneurs, investors and businesses.

The age of the Social Business Plan 2.0 is here and together we can create your Tribe before it's to the Tribal Leader and me your Medicine Man!

I do Real Estate Consulting, Financial Organization, Generate Leads, Sell Online, CrossFit and Meditate....

I am in to many different industires/niches to list them all, just check out my different sites for more.