Kevin Rose

Kevin Rose is an entrepreneur and General Partner at Google Ventures. Previously Kevin founded Digg (acquired by Betaworks), Revision3 (acquired by Discovery Channel), and Milk Inc. (acquired by Google). Kevin currently serves on the board of directors of the Tony Hawk Foundation.

He has been featured on the cover of Inc. Magazine, BusinessWeek, and RedHerring. Kevin was named a "Top 25 Angel Investors" by Bloomberg, "Top 25 Web Celebrities" by Forbes, "Top 25 Most Influential People on the Web" by Time and BusinessWeek magazines, and one of MITs "Top 35 Innovators under 35".

7,831,928 - Content Visualization
8,402,374 - Social Audience Voting on Content

Notable Investments:
Fab, Foursquare, Path, Square, Twitter, Nextdoor, Blue Bottle Coffee, Facebook, OMGPOP, Zynga

Investment Exits: (AOL), Chomp (Apple), Dailybooth (AirBNB), Facebook (NASDAQ: FB), fflick (Google), ngmoco (DeNA), OMGPOP (Zynga), Revision3 (Discovery Channel), Zynga (NASDAQ: ZNGA).

The Well, Charity: Water
The Tony Hawk Foundation