Kim Chandler McDonald
I'm the proud author of Innovation: How Innovators Think, Act and Change Our World, which showcases interviews with 100 international innovators and thought leaders who are changing our world! It presents the inside track on who’s done what, how they did it, what drives them on and why innovation is so critical to individuals, economies and society as a whole. Published internationally, in print, by Kogan Page, the Enhanced Edition is an innovation in and of itself. Available online, the Enhanced Edition, with its accompanying Online Ecosystem and SmartMarks - intelligent, interactive bookmarks - incorporates the latest, cutting edge technology, including FlatWorld, Web 3.0, Semantic and html5). The Co Founder and Exec Vice President of KimmiC. I am an Innovation Advocate and Advisor specializing in disruptive approaches and transformational trends such as such as Flat World Navigation, Edtu-tech, meHealth and Enduser Empowerment. I am a member of the Griffith Enterprise Advisory Board for Griffith University as well as a member of the Frost & Sullivan Global Board of Advisors for GIL Global, the Global Community of Growth, Innovation and Leadership and Academy Fellow of the International Entrepreneurship Academy. The world’s first, branded, Flat World Navigator, I'm included in the inaugural ‘LinkedIn Power Profiles - Australia’ list of 2012. I am honoured to have a far-reaching network of international influencers, many of whom were the inspiration for my ‘Capital I Innovation Interview Series’, which was the inspiration for the !nnovation book project.