Konnor T Crewe

I currently live in the NW Boston area, although I am originally from Illinois. I was a fraud prevention analyst and retention specialist for Chase bank. I am very detail oriented and analytical. I earned a Bachelor of Arts from Southern Illinois University in Linguistics with a focus on Intercultural Communication and English as a Second Language.  

I have a fascination with CMS or content management systems. I'm especially familiar with Wordpress. I'm a self-learned geek. I know HTML and a little bit of CSS. 

I also did post graduate work in Public Relations.  I'm interested in Online Reputation Management and I am an avid social networker.

I have a penchant for learning languages and learning about cultures around the world. I am very good in learning languages and study languages as a hobby.

I am currently the Workshop Coordinator for First Event, one of the longest running trans conferences in the United States. http://www.firstevent.us