Jeremy Simpson

For all of the Santa Class, who find themselves "working late" every year at the Holidays...

I am the BootStrapping Cobbler of a system of for-profit and non-profit strategies to fund the revival of a CleanTech "Santa" model of charity:

Kringle, A Corporation Sole

I've been called a "Change Agent" and a "Solutions Provider" and "Problem Solver". My childhood dictionary split down its spine on the word "Maverick", and my parents were married on Christmas Eve.

I'm a Process Geek. I "see" Patterns. I'm pretty familiar with Systems Process Improvement and Organizational Change Management, "in the flavor" of it as it was being developed at

I'm a "Hero" at "Level 1" Systems Maturity; I'm "Defined" for "Level 2"; I'm "Repeatable" for "Level 3"; I'm "Optimized" for "Level 4"; and I'm "Predicting" at "Level 5"

I believe everyone should code logic for Management Systems.

I work for #WorldPeace. I want to end #WorldHunger. I want to improve the #Environment. I want to integrate global culture and solution: #GoldenAge #Renaissance

I've been "doing the news" on as aka: Kringle since its very first day, come join us for some discussion!