Lady Althaea

I'm a fam trad Pagan who, like most members of a family tradition, was unfortunately born into the last generation who would see the tradition in any large sense, but, like many others, I am fortunate enough to know the importance of these traditions, to recognize the importance & need for the family unit, and to be actively doing whatever I can to hold on to my family's ways, passing them on to my children, hoping that they will do the same. Perhaps I'm a bit of an idealist, and perhaps many would take offense to my choosing to raise my children Pagan, but I contend that a life filled with values and traditions brings wholeness to a person. This has been the way of humanity for far longer than we've written proof of it: why now should we stop passing on our ways? A light in the darkness, no matter how small, is better than no light at all.

I am also a practicing witch of over 15 years. I state this not to brag or assert some imagined superiority, but rather to assert my dedication to my path and to state that, at this point, there's no hoping for change there! I'm very practical in regards to this. I believe in versatility and common sense, so despite my age, I can come across as a grumpy old cottage witch. If anything, I'm practicing for later. So, keeping both of those in mind, it's only natural that my own family practice has been supplemented with Neo-Pagan ideals and structures in order to  bring about a cohesiveness to my family's waning tradition. With this, I intend no disrespect to my ancestors, rather I hold them in the highest regard and here make my attempt to keep that which was important to them, and defined their lives, alive and well. I am proud that this has rendered a growing tradition, one that flexes with us and enriches our lives and brings us joy.

As such, I am co-head of a family coven, a legally ordained minister (see my website for more about my ministry Circle of Peace,) and facilitator of the Central Wisconsin Pagan Alliance, a religious organization created for the purpose of active participation in the local community in order to facilitate positive change.

I am also an Energy Healer & an herbalist of about ten years. 

My husband and I have five kids together & he has two from a previous marriage. My family is my world.